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ArtResin Artwork

Recently, I have started working a lot with epoxy resin. Specifically ArtResin. In reading and researching resins to use, I came across ArtResin. My main choice for choosing ArtResin was the ease of use reported by the folks that have been using it. Many talk about how fool proof it is... and it… read more.

Upcoming Exhibit

In a few days, I will be taking several of my work to be exhibited at the Seaboard Wine Warehouse. I am very excited to see what happens with my artwork there. Hopefully, I can get some exposure to folks outside of my normal social circles. If you are local, please stop by and check it out on April… read more.

Getting Started

So, I have always heard that getting started is always the hardest part. Well, it is. I have recently started painting again after many years. The first painting I did was actually painful to do. I second guessed myself constantly. Does this look right? What will other people think? Does this even look… read more.