I am originally from Woodstock, New York and have always been creating from an early age. From the early years of finger painting on rocks in the creek bed behind my grand mother’s house to the present. After a long hiatus from painting, I returned to it as cold weather hobby. Once I started again, I couldn’t stop, I realized  it was something I had been missing greatly. I began to look at everything in a new and different light. Painting was not only a stress reliever, but also a source of joy and expression that I had been in need of.
I enjoy using bright colors in my work, and enjoy a variety of subject matter, as well as using varied techniques.  
To date, I have displayed my work in various solo and group shows in cities across North Carolina. Additionally, I have pieces in private collections in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, California, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas. I also currently have artwork in SAS Institute corporate collection. 
My work has also beein published in the online literary magazine, The Charles Charter. 
I find myself truly happy when I am creating. In art, oftentimes akin to life, we succeed and fail. Each and every experience, whether failure or success is part of who we are and important. I find portraying these successes, as well as the failures, through my art to be liberating and part of the human experience.

You can contact me by email at AcrylicArtistry1018@gmail.com.