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ArtResin Artwork

by Susan Peters in Miscellaneous

Recently, I have started working a lot with epoxy resin. Specifically ArtResin.

In reading and researching resins to use, I came across ArtResin. My main choice for choosing ArtResin was the ease of use reported by the folks that have been using it. Many talk about how fool proof it is… and it is true! I have not had any issues with curing (which is a plus, since I use the resin on my favorite pieces… not one has been ruined due to a bad cure.)

Also, in addition the epoxy is very low in fumes. A definite plus for someone who gets migraine headaches.

ArtResin provides a wonderful, smooth, glass like appearance over any painting… also have used ArtResin to create cabochons for earring and pendants. So many uses!

Check them out here!

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