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Getting Started

by Susan Peters in Miscellaneous

So, I have always heard that getting started is always the hardest part. Well, it is. I have recently started painting again after many years. The first painting I did was actually painful to do. I second guessed myself constantly. Does this look right? What will other people think? Does this even look like it’s supposed to?

Well, you know what? After the first painting, the second was much easier to create, the third, the fourth… I still critique myself and want to be satisfied with my artwork. But, to be honest now, in the long run it really doesn’t matter if others like it or not.

The whole process isn’t about other people. It is about me, and what I want to create and put down on the canvas. If others happen to like it, that is wonderful. But, it will not stop me from creating if they don’t.

I enjoy the process of painting and how it makes me think about my surroundings in a new way. That in itself is worth it.

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